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Bamboo equestrian products are a revolutionary game changer helping to improve the health and performance of horses around Australia. Bamboo products have rapidly become a popular trend in the equine industry, and there’s plenty reasons why people are currently making the switch to the natural fabric.

Previously, products used in the equine industry have mostly been costly, high resource and labor consuming materials such as cotton or cheaper synthetic petroleum based materials such as polyester, which are known to cause discomfort and irritation to both humans and animals.

Materials made from bamboo fibers on the other hand are naturally more breathable, durable and comfortable for use with your animals. A number one benefit of bamboo equestrian products is the temperature regulating breathability of the bamboo fibers called moisture wicking. The material simultaneously draws moisture away whilst allowing better ventilation, it even improves circulation! Bamboo products also have antibacterial and antifungal properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms in their fibers that would normally cause irritation and discomfort to animals.

Another main reason that people are fast switching over to using bamboo equestrian products is that they are overall better for the environment. The rapidly growing bamboo plant requires less land space, soil, water and does not require the use of fertilisers and other harmful chemicals for rapid growth. It even yields up to 10x more fiber than cotton. This aids to reduce the impact of the production of the products on the planet and a happy, healthy planet, means happy, healthy animals too!

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